The Maxfield Rabbit. What's the deal with the name?

Only the members of the band know, and the only way the five of them would let you in on the secret is if you had lived through the last couple years with them. The exhilarating highs like garnering airplay at numerous college radio stations across the country, performing before large audiences at events such as Rock Walk (part of the Universal City Walk Concert Series), the Ventura Beach Festival, The Ventura Street Festival, Methodfest, the Digital Distribution and Music Industry Conference, NXNW, and the Vans Warped Tour on the Ernie Ball Stage, not to mention the adoring fan mail.

Of course these highlights could never dim the horrific gloom that engulfs the band; the drugs, the arrests, the heartaches, and the squandered fortunes.

Ok, so actually the rhythm section, Chris (Bass) and Robert (Drums), occasionally have a Zima (with a twist) before a gig, but there really weren't any drug problems. And to be honest, no one actually ever got arrested, but Julia (Vocals) did get a ticket when she was parked at the beach. As far as heartaches go, Allen (Guitar) is happily married and, despite the rumors, Roger (Guitar and Vocals) says they're "just friends."

As for squandered fortunes? Right. That part is true, but they have managed to earn a lot of money back by selling copies of their CD, Evermore (over 1200 units so far while primarily playing local shows). Their Melodic Alternative Pop Rock has developed a loyal following of CD-buying, drink-swilling, website-visiting fans who return again and again to see their dynamic live shows.

Specialty Commercial Radio Airplay:
KLOS, Los Angeles, Local Licks
WPLA, Florida, Pandora's Box
WDVX, Tennessee, Writer's Block
College Radio Airplay:

Some Other Cool Stuff They've Done...
Suzuki Rock & Roll Marathon
Song, "Drunk" featured on
Songs and Videos on Rotation at Universal City Walk's Jumbotron
Featured on KCAL TV Channel 9, LA, Local Beat
Song on Soundtrack of the Independent Film, Verses
Cyber Radio's live Internet TV show, Break A Leg
Web Radio Puget Sound
Buzz Radio Online Radio Show, WRDL
Numerous Appearances on Online Radio Show