"A Los Angeles rock band with one self-released album to its credit, this is the kind of act you might well catch on MTV in a year or two and wonder where they'd been hiding..."
Marty Hughley, The Oregonian (reviewed as one of his picks for NXNW)

"...I'm not too sure why this group isn't world famous at the moment, but I'm definitely expecting their day will come..."
Persy Geller, WSGR, 91.3FM Radio, Port Huron MI

"...The band describes itself as alternative pop rock but I think it covers a lot more ground than that. It would be at home on any alternative, rock, or adult station. It is immensely satisfying on many levels to the point where you can put in the CD and play it from end to end and by the time it is over you find yourself wanting more..."
Bill Dunn, San Gabriel Valley Weekly

"I have heard many bands working for the radio station, but you are amazing. I have to say that your CD, Evermore, is one of my new favorite CDs. I have not stopped playing it since I received it..."
Greg Mesake, WHFC 91.1FM, MD

"...Color me amazed...The Maxfield Rabbit is quality through and through..."
Karen E. Reynolds, Writer's Block, WDVX, Clinton, TN

"...(The Maxfield Rabbit) charted #2 here at WHEI!!!"
Monica G. Moskowicz, Music Director of WHEI, OH

"...Singer Julia (Albert) can do no wrong. Her angelic voice reaches harp proportions with bittersweet lyrics..."
Rating: A-Excellent
Daryl Searle, Mean Street Magazine

"...Unfailingly sincere, a refreshing change from so much of the irony that seems to rule in contemporary music..."
West Coast Performer

"I like it a lot...well done with the intangibles that make you want to listen...Another winner."
Rob Stevens, Producer (selected as one of his Producer's Picks for

" ...Simple, fresh. The singer's personality comes through well which makes it work for me."
Paul Northfield, Producer, (selected as one of his Producer's Picks for

"Really good melody...good writing, great middle 8 chorus."
Ted Nicely, Producer, (selected as one of his Producer's Picks for

"The Maxfield Rabbit is multiplying -- one success after another."
The Album Network's Virtually Alternative

"...great musicianship and sincerity, maturity and unpretentious delivery -- expertly recorded with subtle Maxfield Rabbit class..."

"Evermore is a catchy disc that features radio ready rock with shockingly good lead vocals and song structures..."
Heidi Drockelman,

"Fronted by hard to ignore lead singer Julia Albert, this band offers more than just a pretty face..."
Leonard Ives,

"Beautiful is an understatement...Truly unique..."
Steve Harbaugh-Teen Spot

"There could be a number of reasons why people are awestruck by The Maxfield Rabbit. Could be Julia's haunting vocals and slinky fluid dancing. Or it could be the electrifying guitar and barreling bass with heart-clenching drum beats..."
Anita Michetti,